Can my Zap perform different actions depending on the trigger data?

To run different actions depending on the trigger data, you can use a Filter or Path step.

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Say you have a Shopify store that sells two items: apples and bananas. You want to add the email of a buyer to a specific Mailchimp list depending on the item they buy. You can either create two Zaps, using a Filter step in each, or you can create one Zap using Paths.

Filters: Filters will allow you to tell the Zap to continue only if a certain condition exists (e.g., customer bought apples). Learn how to add filters to your Zap.

Paths: Paths will allow you to do one thing if one condition exists (e.g., customer bought apples) and another thing if a different condition exists (e.g., customer bought bananas).

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The Paths feature is only available for Professional and Enterprise plan accounts.

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