Common problems with Jira Software Server on Zapier

I'm getting a 401 Error

For some instances of Jira Software Server, you need to log in with your user name instead of your email. You can find your user name by going to your profile in Jira Software Server.


I can't configure the Application URL

The "accepted external application URLs" feature of Jira Software Server/Atlassian products is not compatible with Zapier.  It’s not possible to configure the application URL.


SSL Error (authorization failed: Could not verify SSL certificate)

If you are running into the above error, it's likely your SSL certificate is from a CA that cannot Zapier recognize or has some issues. For more information, read our SSL certificate guide.


I want to send a link to the Jira Software Server issue to my action app

If you create a Jira issue in a Zap, the action results will not include the new issue URL. However, you can create this URL by combining the base URL and the Key field. The Key field is part of the action results data.


When creating the URL:

  • Replace {{OrganisationName}} with your organization name. You can locate this information from your address bar in your web browser, while logged into Jira.
  • Replace {{Key}} with a mapped field containing the Key field from the Jira Software Server Create Issue step.


Error: "The issue type selected is invalid."

This error occurs when selecting the incorrect issue type in the Issue Type dropdown field. This happens if the issue type selected is not associated with your project.

Depending on the setup of your Jira account, there may be multiple types of epics, stories, and tasks available to select from the Issue Type dropdown menu. This is because each project has a custom issue type, created to fit the specific needs of each project, which will appear as "duplicates".


To fix this issue:

  1. Select a different issue type.
    1. If you see fields appear within the Zap editor, this means you’ve selected the correct issue type for your project and you can continue to set up your Zap.
    2. If you see the “Remove these extra fields” this means you’ve selected the issue type not associated with your project. 
      1. Click Remove these extra fields.
      2. Click Refresh fields
      3. Select another issue type from the dropdown menu until fields associated with your issue type appear.

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