Zapier Interfaces quick start guide

Zapier Interfaces is a no-code way of creating custom web pages and apps with interactive components for your users. Interfaces can connect to Zaps, allowing you to move information between apps seamlessly. 


Why should I use interfaces?

You can use Interfaces to:

  • Collect leads for your business: Create a form to collect lead information and send it directly to your CRM software or your Sales team.
  • Create an onboarding website: Get your employees onboarded faster with an easy-to-build, secure website where they can submit all necessary details and documents, access links to important information, and request setup for internal systems.
  • Build a client portal: offer clients a hub where they can check on tasks, and deliverables and even add a customized chatbot to answer their questions.




Certain components and features are only available on Interfaces paid plans. Learn more about Zapier Interfaces pricing.


Create your first interface

  • Log in to Interfaces.
  • Click + Create or select a template to help you get started.

Add pages

You can add multiple pages and define how they interact with each other. You can use page navigation to create a multi-page website or hide it to create an app.

Add components

Components are pieces that you can put together to build a powerful app or site. You can add forms, kanban boards, media, and embed content from other sites. Learn more about the types of components.

Add your domain

On the Advanced Interfaces plan, you can use your own domain or subdomain with any interface. 

Set permissions for your interface

Secure your interface by limiting who can access it.

  • Public access: anyone can view the interface.
  • Give access to specific users: only users you’ve invited by email can view that interface.
  • Set a password: any user you’ve shared the password with can view the interface.

You can also decide how users login:

  • Receive a magic link.
  • Log in through Google.

You can set up different permission options for each interface you create. Learn how to set up access permissions.

Customize the design

Customize the look of your interface by:

  • Changing the theme colors.
  • Adding your own logo.
  • Adding a favicon.

Learn more about how to customize your interface’s design.


Next steps

Zapier Interfaces is even more powerful when you use it with Zapier Tables, Zapier Chatbots, and Zaps. You can add a chatbot to interact with your users and send data directly to another app.

Need some ideas on how to use Zapier Interfaces? Learn how to build a customer portal or create a lead capture form.

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