Collect transcripts for your chatbot conversations

The Chatbots Run Zap action allows you to create a Zap to automatically collect a full transcript of a chatbot conversation. Then, you can send it to any app you want. You can use this to review conversations and understand what customers ask about, for example. This feature is available to all Chatbots plans.


1. Create a Run Zap action

  1. From the Chatbots home, click the name of the chatbot.
  2. Click the Actions tab. 
  3. Click Run Zap.
  4. Click  Create Zap. A new browser tab or window will open with a new Zap.

  • The Zap will trigger automatically 5 minutes after the first message is sent to the chatbot.
  • Conversations in the chatbot preview window will not trigger the Zap.
  • Other Zaps for this chatbot that use the Chatbot Conversation Completed trigger will also appear on this tab.


2. Set up your Zap

Creating the action generates a new Zap with the trigger already filled in. The Chatbot Conversation Completed trigger will be pre-selected with your chatbot ID.

You can then continue setting up your Zap by adding a Zap action.


You have a chatbot that provides product information for your visitors. You'd like to review what customers are asking the chatbot to know what are the most popular products and questions.

You can set up a Run Zap action for your chatbot, and use two Zap actions that will work with the conversation transcript:

  • Summarize text in ChatGPT.
  • Create Record in Zapier Tables.

Once the conversation triggers the Zap, it will send ChatGPT the full transcript to summarize. It'll then be stored in a new table record, which you can review weekly to understand what customers are asking about.


3. (Optional) Save the transcript alongside the collected data

If you have a Collect leads action set up for your chatbot, you can save the conversation transcript to the same table as your lead. This allows you to connect the transcript to the right lead. 

  1. Create the Run Zap action.
  2. Add an action to your Zap, using the Find Record action in Zapier Tables.
  3. Click the Table ID dropdown menu and select the table you use to collect leads for the chatbot.
  4. Click the Lookup Field 1 dropdown menu and select the field Chatbot Session ID.
  5. Click the Lookup Value dropdown menu and scroll down to map the field Chatbot Session ID from the trigger step. This allows the Zap to compare the IDs of existing records and the new conversation transcript.

If you'd like to save the transcript even when the user has not provided any data, select the Create Zapier Tables Record if it doesn’t exist yet? checkbox and map the fields with data from the trigger.


Create a Zap that users can trigger

You can also allow users to start Zaps from a chatbot conversation by using the Zap button action. This action lets your user trigger a Zap by clicking a button during the conversation. Learn how to set up a Zap button action.


Provide feedback and get help

Submit a feature request, provide feedback on existing features, or get help from the Zapier Chatbots team.

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