Add actions to Zapier Chatbots


Zapier Chatbots is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

Zapier Chatbots can perform different actions during a conversation, such as running a Zap, collecting info, or copying the content of a message to the user's clipboard. 


Add a new action

You can add several actions to the same chatbot:

  • Zap button: create a Zap that can be triggered by the user during a conversation.
  • Run Zap: run a Zap after a conversation is finished and save a transcript.
  • Collect leads: collect lead information and store it in a Zapier table.
  • Suggestions: show clickable examples of what users can ask the chatbot to start a conversation.

Zap button

  1. From the dashboard, click the name of the chatbot.
  2. Click the Actions tab. 
  3. Click Zap button.
  4. Update the action fields:
    • Show this action: decide at which point of the conversation the button will be visible.
    • Button text: customize the text of the button.
    • Notification text: change the message shown after the button is clicked.
  5. Click Create action and Zap. A new page or tab will open with the Zap trigger already created, and you can set up your actions.

The results of the Zap's actions will not be displayed during the conversation. 

Run Zap

This action allows you to automatically run a Zap after the conversation is finished and save the transcript. Learn how to set up the Run Zap action.

Collect leads

The way you set up this action depends on the options available to your Chatbots plan. Learn how to set up a Collect leads action.


  1. From the dashboard, click the name of the chatbot.
  2. Click the Actions tab. 
  3. Click Suggestions.
    • Enter the suggestions in the text fields. Two examples will be prefilled, you can keep or edit them. Click + Add suggestion to add another suggestion. You can add up to 5 suggestions. 
  4. Click Create action. The suggestions will appear near the chatbot's text field.

Edit suggestions

To edit existing suggestions:

  1. Click the Actions tab.
  2. Click Show suggested messages.
  • Click the text field of a suggestion to edit it.
  • Click the Drag icon to move suggestions to your preferred order.
  • Click the Delete icon to remove a suggestion. 



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