Understand how your Central usage is measured


Zapier Central is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

Your Zapier Central usage is measured by the amount of activity, limited by the plan you select. This guide will explain how billing and usage cycles work, and what is considered bot activity.


What is an "activity"?

Every time your bot runs a behavior or instant action, this is counted as an "activity", even if one behavior or instant action contains multiple actions. Testing a behavior does not count against your activity limit.



You have a bot with a behavior that runs once per day and does the following:

  1. Checks your email inbox for a specific keyword.
  2. Summarizes each email that contains that keyword.
  3. Adds each as a new task on your Trello board.
  4. Sends you a message on Slack asking you to review the tasks.

Every morning when this behavior runs, it will only count as one activity, even though there are four steps. Activities do not affect your Zapier task usage.


Available activities per plan

The amount of available activities in Zapier Central is separate from your Zapier account usage. Each Zapier Central plan offers a different level of activity and amount of data that can be stored for data sources. Learn more about the different Zapier Central plans.


If you have a Zapier Team or Enterprise account, all the users on your account will share a pool of activities. For example, if you have a Central Premium plan, your account members will share 1,500 activities across all the bots they create.


Activity and billing cycles

Activities are available in cycles, similar to your Zapier account. For each cycle, you'll have access to the activity limit for your plan, and this limit will reset on the same date every month. 

The billing cycle is defined by the date when you signed up for your account. If you signed up on the 10th of January, for example, your usage will reset every month on the 10th. This applies to both monthly and annual plans. 

You can upgrade to a paid Zapier Central account at any time. When you upgrade from a free account to a paid one, the date when you upgrade becomes your new cycle date and your activity limit is reset at that moment. 


What happens if I reach my activity limit?

If you reach your activity limit:

  • Your behaviors will no longer run.
  • You will not be able to use instant actions.
  • You will still be able to chat with your bot. 
  • Trigger events from third-party apps will not be received by your bots.

Zapier will notify you by email once you reach 80% of your activity limit, and again once you reach your limit. 



Any activity your account used on Central before May 8, 2024, will not count toward your limit.


Manage your usage

Central displays your activity usage in the left sidebar of the Central main screen. Click Data usage to view your available usage, as well as the number of activities used by different behaviors and instant actions for the current cycle.

If you're a member of a Team, Company, or Enterprise account, the Activity usage you'll see is for the entire account. However, the Data usage panel will only display your own behaviors, instant actions, and data sources.


Manage your billing

Zapier Central is billed as an add-on to your Zapier account. Learn more about how add-ons work, including how they appear on your invoices and how you can cancel an add-on. 



If you have a Zapier Enterprise account:

  • You must contact the Central team to request access to Central.
  • Zapier Central does not support app and action restrictions that you have enabled in your account. 

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