App updates: Pipedrive, Google Contacts, Facebook Custom Audience, ChatGPT, Anthropic (Claude), and many more

Pipedrive: bug fix and app updates

We’ve made improvements and bug fixes to enhance your Pipedrive experience:

  • Some users reported that the Deal Matching Filter trigger wasn’t triggering for new deals that matched the filter. We’ve resolved this issue by introducing a new status field to ensure reliability.
  • To clarify the functionality of the Update Deal action, we've updated the help text. This update addresses user confusion around whether the action was creating a new deal instead of updating an existing one.


Google Contacts: bug fixes and app updates

We’ve added several updates and fixes to make managing your Google Contacts smoother:

  • We’ve added a New Contact trigger to enhance your workflows. 
  • Fixed an issue where users encountered 404 errors with the message "Requested entity was not found" when using the Create Contact action. 
  • We’ve updated the Add Contact to Group action, allowing you to add contacts to multiple groups. 
  • You can now search for contacts by phone number in the Find or Create Contact action.


Facebook Custom Audiences: app updates

We've introduced a new feature to enhance your Facebook Custom Audiences management. The Remove Email from Custom Audience action is now available, allowing you to more precisely manage your audience lists.

ChatGPT: bug fix

We've tackled an important issue to improve your ChatGPT experience. Users may have noticed delays in ChatGPT's conversation processing, observed as Zap runs being stuck in waiting. This has been resolved with an update to our error-handling mechanisms, ensuring smoother interactions moving forward.


Google Tasks: bug fix

We've implemented a solution to address feedback from our users. To tackle the "quota exceeded" and "request a higher quota limit" error messages encountered by customers using Google Tasks, we've increased the quota limit. This adjustment aims to significantly reduce the frequency of Zaps throttling, ensuring a smoother workflow.


SugarCRM: bug fixes

We’ve made significant improvements to enhance your experience with SugarCRM:

  • Resolved an issue with the Create Record and Update Record actions where the field “Files” wasn’t appearing as a File type. This led to difficulties in attaching files to records in SugarCRM. With this fix, files can now be added to record seamlessly.
  • Address a bug causing frequent expiration of the connection to SugarCRM due to a login conflict. We’ve updated the connection process to include an optional field that allows for logging in with Zapier set as an API platform, ensuring a more stable connection. Learn more about how to get started with SugarCRM.


Microsoft OneDrive: app update

We’ve made improvements to Microsoft OneDrive. You can now access shared files and folders in the OneDrive triggers and actions, expanding the possibilities for collaboration and automation in your workflows.


Alchemer: app update

We updated the Alchemer app to the latest API version. This update helps improve the reliability of your survey data being sent to Zapier. If you haven’t already, update to the latest app version to get the full benefits of this update.


Zendesk: app update

We’ve introduced several updates to improve functionality and flexibility in Zendesk:

  • We’ve updated the Create User action, it is no longer required that you need an email address, offering versatility in user creation. 
  • Create Issue, Update Issue, and Add Comment to Ticket actions now support HTML, making it easier to format text for more detailed and visually appealing comments.
  • Both the Create Organization and Update Organization actions support custom fields, helping you to streamline creation and updates.
  • We’ve made improvements to how you can create and update tickets so you can add more details to tickets:
    • Create Ticket action: We’ve added new fields: External ID, Problem ID, and Email CC.
    • Update Ticket action: We’ve added new fields: Due At, Additional Tags, First Comment/Description Format, Collaborators, External ID, Problem ID, and Email CC.
    • You can also attach files to tickets.


LinkedIn: app update

We've made a significant improvement to the LinkedIn integration to enhance user convenience. The requirement to reconnect your LinkedIn account every 60 days has been updated. Your app connection will now autorefresh after the 60-day limit, reducing the frequency of manual reconnections. However, please note that customers will still need to perform a manual reconnection once per year due to limitations imposed by the LinkedIn API.

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