Manage members in your Team or Enterprise account

Easily manage members of your Zapier for Teams or Enterprise account. Assign user roles to your members to ensure they have appropriate permissions to use and manage your account.

Enterprise plan Team plan

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Member permissions

Your Enterprise account has four user roles to ensure your account members have appropriate permissions to use and manage your account:

  • Member
  • Admin
  • Super admin
  • Owner

Invite new members

You can manually or automatically invite new members to your account. Select a role when you invite new members or change a member’s role at any time.

Help your new members get started using Zapier by having them complete the Zapier Basics course in Zapier Learn.

Set up Enterprise teams

You can create teams within your Enterprise account to help your departments seamlessly collaborate with one another. When organizing Zaps in folders, sharing Zaps, or sharing app connections, members can easily select their whole team at once rather than selecting members one by one.

Remove members

Safely remove members from your account by reviewing their Zaps and connected apps before you remove them from your account. You can decide whether to transfer ownership of them to another user so your business-critical Zaps continue working.


Next steps

Start collaborating with other members of your organization to scale your business-critical systems. You can also help your members get started with Zapier with these tutorials from Zapier Learn:



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