Use Zapier with your OpenAI GPTs


AI actions is an alpha product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.


AI Actions by Zapier lets you add the power of Zapier to your OpenAI GPTs. You can use more than 30,000 actions and connect them with other OpenAI tools, such as web browsing, Dall-E, data analysis, and much more. AI actions are similar to Zapier actions but are used through another app.


During the alpha period, tasks run using the Zapier ChatGPT Plugin will not count toward your Zapier task usage.


Create a new GPT that uses Zapier

For instructions on how to create new GPTs, please visit Zapier's builder documentation. Note that when you share a GPT with others, each user will connect their own app accounts to it. It is not possible to share your app connections.



To use Zapier AI actions with GPTs you must:


Manage your AI actions

You can edit, delete, enable, or disable AI actions at any time through your AI actions' connected apps. This page displays all apps that you have given permission to use AI actions. You will see GPTs appear in this list and can manage the existing actions, create new ones, and revoke access for this app.


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