Zapier AI actions in other apps

This tutorial refers to AI actions. These are Zapier actions that can only be used through another app. 


AI actions is an alpha product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.


What are AI Actions?

AI actions are a way to embed the power of Zapier in different apps, using AI.

AI actions are similar to Zapier actions, but are used through another app. You can give AI apps access to more than 30,000 searches and actions supported on Zapier. They allow the app to complete tasks for you, through Zapier's Zapier's AI Actions API.

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When you use Zapier within another app, you are connecting your Zapier account and your data to that other app. It’s important that you trust the developer and app. Learn more about how you can keep your data and account safe


Are AI actions the same as the actions on my Zapier account?

AI actions work similarly but are separate from the actions that you create in your Zapier account. They will not appear in your Zapier account, and cannot be used in Zaps. AI actions can only be used when interacting with an AI app that has implemented this type of experience in its own app.

To use AI actions, you must:

  • Allow the AI app access to your Zapier account.
  • Set up AI actions that the app can use.
  • Give the AI app instructions that rely on that AI action.
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You can give an AI app (such as ChatGPT) the ability to send messages to your sales team in Slack. You can use an AI action alone, or in combination with other actions, to complete a task.  Screen


Get support for AI actions

To contact the Zapier AI support team, fill out this form.

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