How do I access an account after a user leaves?

When a Zapier user in your company leaves, business-critical workflows that they built could be disrupted. While Zapier cannot grant another person access to a user’s Zapier account, transfer ownership of that account, or update its connected app accounts, it may be possible for you to do so depending on the user’s Zapier plan and your user role in the Zapier account.

Enterprise plans Team plans Professional or Free plans

If the user was a member, admin, or super admin of your Zapier account

Another super admin or the owner of your account can transfer ownership of the member’s Zaps and update their connected app accounts.

If the user was the owner of your account

Zapier cannot:

  • Transfer ownership of Zapier accounts
  • Update connected app accounts
  • Transfer ownership of connected app accounts

to another member, admin, or super admin of your account.

Your organization’s IT administrator may be able to grant you access to the account owner’s email address that was used in the Zapier account, or complete the request on your behalf. Then, reset their Zapier password. You may want to change the email address associated with the account as well.
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