Duplicate your Zap

You can duplicate Zaps to recreate similar workflows for different users and app accounts, for example.

To duplicate a Zap:

  • Go to your Zaps.
  • Click the right arrow icon on the right side of the Zap you want to duplicate. A sidebar will open.
  • Click Duplicate.

The copied Zap will be created in the same folder as the original one. 


Any app connections you have access to (your private ones or shared connections) will still be set up when you duplicate the Zap. Other users’ private connections will not be shared. You must set up a new connection for any steps that use private connections.

miscEye icon Note

If you duplicate a Zap that triggers from a webhook, the webhook URL will change.

Private apps

If you duplicate a Zap that contains a private app you don’t have access to, that step will be locked. You can contact the app creator to request an invite to the private app, or you can delete the step. 

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