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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language that web pages on the internet use. In HTML, elements describe how a browser should display the content on a web page. HTML tags wrap elements, with the tags telling the page where an element starts and ends.

With Formatter, you can use the Text extract function to remove any HTML tags from your data. This is useful if an app needs plain language instead of HTML.

1. Add a Formatter step to your Zap

  • In the Zap editor, click the Action step, or click the plus + icon to add an action to your Zap.
  • Select Format.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select Text.
  • Click Continue.

2. Set up the remove HTML tags transformation

  • In the Set up action section, click the Transform dropdown menu and select Remove HTML Tags.
  • In the Values section, click the Input field and select a field with HTML tags from a previous step.
  • Click Continue.

3. Test your remove html tags transformation

  • Click Test & Review. If the transformation is successful, HTML tags will be removed from the data, leaving plain text.

After removing HTML tags from your data, you can use the plain text in further actions in your Zap.

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