Export your Zap history

You can export up to 5,000 Zap runs at a time. You can select specific Zaps to export by filtering your Zap runs first.


Export your Zap runs

  • Go to Zap History.
  • Select your Zap runs:
    • To select individual Zap runs, select the checkbox next to each one.
    • To bulk-select Zap runs, select the checkbox in the upper left, next to the All statuses filter field.
      • Click Select shown to select all Zaps on the page.
      • Click Select all (5000 at a time) to select the 5000 most recent Zaps in your Zap history.
  • After you make your selection, a Download X button will appear, where "X" indicates the number of selected Zap runs.
  • Click Download X.
  • In the modal, select either:
    • CSV to export Zap runs in the CSV file format.
    • JSON to export Zap runs in the JSON file format.
  • Click Download. to email the export to the email address used on your Zapier account.

An email containing a CSV or JSON of your Zap runs will be sent to your Zapier account’s email address. This may take a few minutes.


Download the Zap history export file

  • Go to the email inbox associated with your Zapier account.
  • Open the email with the subject Your Zapier account data is ready to download.
  • In the email, click Download your account data.
  • Your CSV file will download automatically.

Learn more about Zap history storage.

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