Share a template of your Zap

You can share a copy of your Zap as a template so any one with the link can use it. 

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You have a Zap that triggers whenever you receive a new email with an attachment from Gmail, then uploads the attachment to Dropbox. You can share a copy of the Zap so others can use the Zap with their own Gmail and Dropbox accounts.

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By default, shared Zaps are visible through their sharing link, and will appear on pages related to the apps used in the Zap. Your connected accounts, Zap history and data will not be shared.


1. Create your shared Zap

  1. In the top menu of the editor, click the Zap details icon.
  2. In the Create a template section, click Create template.
  3. You'll be redirected to a new page to set up your template.
  4. Enter your shared Zap template details:
    • Zap title: write what your Zap does.
    • Zap description: describe how this Zap helps you.
  5. Optional: To preview your shared Zap template, click Preview.
  6. Click Share. This will create a publicly shared link.
  7. A pop-up window will appear. To copy your Zap URL to your clipboard, click Copy icon copy icon.
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  • At this time, Zaps with paths, code steps, private apps, legacy apps, legacy triggers, or legacy actions cannot be shared as copies. This feature will be available at a later date.
  • Accounts on a Free Legacy plan can't share Zaps that use Webhooks by Zapier. You can see what plan you are on by visiting your billing and usage settings.

2. Get your sharing link

Each Zap has a sharing link. Whenever you send this link to others, they can create a copy of your Zap which allows them to create their own new Zap, using the same steps.

  1. To copy your Zap URL, click the copy icon copy icon.

When you share your link, anyone with access who clicks the link can create a Zap from your template.


Optional: Update sharing option

After you create your shared Zap, you can update who can view and copy your shared Zap. By default, it's shared with anyone who has the link. To update your sharing options:

  1. Click Change and select your share option:
    • Publicly shared: this is the default. Anyone on the internet can discover and make a copy of your Zap.
    • Anyone with link: the Zap can only be viewed and copied by Zapier users you send the sharing link to.
    • Only your team: anyone in your Zapier account can view and make a copy of the Zap. This option is only available for Teams and Company accounts.
    • Turn off: the Zap can't be copied.
  2. To copy your Zap URL, click Copy icon copy icon.
    • To send your Zap URL in an email, click the email icon actionEmail icon
    • To send a direct or channel message, click the Slack icon.
    • Click the three dots icon navMoreHoriz icon to get options to share your Zap to Facebook and LinkedIn or HTML embed.
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If you turn off sharing for a Zap, anyone who already had the link will see a message informing them that sharing has been disabled for the Zap, with options to browse other Zap ideas or create their own Zap.

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If you have a Team or Company plan, you can also allow specific members of your account to access your Zap link. Those members will receive an email invite with the share link.


If you have any feedback on sharing a copy of your Zap, or need to report a shared Zap that contains spam or malicious content, contact Zapier support.

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