Move Zaps between accounts

If you have multiple Zapier accounts, you can move Zaps between them. Before you can move Zaps between accounts:

  • You must have at least one account on a Team or Enterprise plan or have been invited to be a member of one.
  • If your Enterprise account has SAML enabled, an admin must provision your account in your company identity provider.
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  • This feature is only available for users in Teams or Enterprise accounts.
  • You can only move Zaps that you own. Only folders which have Zaps owned by you are shown.
  • You can move Zaps from a personal account to a Team or Enterprise account and vice versa.

Move Zaps

To move your Zaps:

  1. In the upper right, click your account icon and select Move Zaps.
  2. Click the From dropdown menu and select the account you want to move the Zaps from.
  3. Click the To dropdown menu and select the account you want to move the Zaps to.
  4. You’ll see a list of folders and Zaps in your account. Search for and select the specific Zap or folders to move.
  5. Click Move these Zaps.
  6. Zapier will move:
    • Zaps to your Home folder.
    • Folders to the Private tab in the left sidebar of the Zaps page. 

Depending on the number of Zaps you're moving, it can take some time for the process to finish. Stay on the page until all the Zaps have been moved. 


After moving your Zap between accounts, you can reorganize them in folders. You can also share folders with members of your Team or Enterprise account.

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Moving a Zap does not turn it on or off. It will remain in its current state.


App connections for moved Zaps

When you move your Zaps, any app account connections used in your Zaps move too. By default, they are private connected accounts. If you want your team members to edit a step that uses a private connected account, you'll need to change it to a shared connection first.


Zap history for moved Zaps

The Zap history before the move remains in the source Zapier account but will display as a deleted Zap. Only tasks occurring after the Zap move will be visible in the destination Zapier account.

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