Zap trigger test fails

When you test your Zap trigger, you may sometimes notice that no data is found or that the Zap doesn’t find the most recent item in your app account.

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Not all apps provide real data from your account. Some apps only provide generic sample data.

1. Check if your app account is connected

  • In your Zap trigger, click to open the Choose account section.
  • If you see a “This account is expired” alert, reconnect your app account.

2. Check if your trigger options exist

Some app triggers support additional customization to filter incoming data.

  • In the Set up trigger section, check that all required fields are filled out.
  • If any field options in your trigger app have been renamed or deleted, you’ll need to reselect or re-enter them.

3. Create a new item in your trigger app

Some triggers require items to be created recently in order to find data. Create a new item in the app, then test your trigger.

If your Zap uses an instant trigger, you’ll need to create a new item immediately before testing your trigger. Instant triggers will search for new data for 3 minutes. If a new item isn’t created in that time, the trigger test will fail.
To test instant triggers:

  • Open a new browser tab or window. Prepare a new item in your trigger app, but don’t save or submit the item yet.
  • Return to the Zap editor and click to open the Test trigger section.
  • Click Test trigger.
  • Go back to the tab or window with the item you prepared in your trigger app and click to save or submit the item.

If you need additional help with your trigger, contact Zapier support.

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