Which apps does Transfer support?

With Transfer, you can move data in bulk from one app to another.

  • Source apps are apps that you transfer data from.
  • Destination apps are the apps that you transfer data to. Any existing Zapier app with an action can act as a destination for your transfer. Certain destination apps also offer Update or create actions.
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  • Transfer is a beta feature, and currently offers a limited number of source apps, but more apps are in development.
  • Private apps you create in Zapier's Developer Platform will appear in your list of available Transfer sources, but will not be available as destination apps in Transfer at this time.

Available source apps

Currently, you can transfer data from:

Available destination apps with Update or create action

Currently, you can use these actions with:

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Only scheduled transfers can use actions that update or create records in certain apps. Learn more about how this action works.

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