Can't access or use Zapier with other apps

Zapier does not have one static range of IP addresses. Instead, Zapier uses ​Amazon (AWS)'s US-EAST-1 region, spinning up instances as needed. This means there could be millions of IPs to allowlist, which often becomes impractical.

You can find Amazon's list of current ranges (subject to change) here. We might be connecting from any of the us-east-1 ranges listed on this page:

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If you're using MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, connections to your system will come from a static IP.

Translate IPs into ranges

An IP like is listed in "CIDR" notation, which is shorthand for a block of IPs. If your firewall or filter does not support CIDR notation, you can convert this into an actual range of IPs by using an online CIDR calculator.

To calculate the range, enter your IP block in the CIDR field.

Type your IP block into the CIDR field

The resulting calculation will give you a Start IP and an End IP.

Starting and ending IP

In most cases, allowing all of us-east-1 is not going to be the right solution. You'll need to open your instance to the wider internet.

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