Common Problems with Webflow on Zapier

I'm getting 400 or 404 errors

This is likely because you renamed your site/form and the slugs/names are different. To fix this, reselect the forms/sites in your trigger and try again.

My Zap is not triggering anymore

Depending on your Webflow plan, there's a limit to the number of webhook requests. If you reach this limit, the Zap will no longer be triggered. Check your plan at Webflow for details.

My Webflow forms are not showing up

For the Form Submission Trigger, Form Name doesn't show up, looking like this:

If your Webflow forms are not showing up when setting up the New Form Submission trigger, you need to publish the form on the site and submit an entry. On Webflow, you can tell it's published due to the rocket icon being green.

You can check for submissions by clicking here in the Dashboard:

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