Common Problems with ClickFunnels on Zapier

New Contact Activity is triggering on the same contact activity

Because of how the funnel flow mechanism inside ClickFunnels functions, every time a contact moves to a new step in your funnel, it will fire your Zap.

To prevent this, make sure to specify the exact funnel step in the trigger setup.

Contact activity from the wrong funnel is triggering my zap

Try reselecting both the Funnel and the Funnel Step. It's likely that you have the same funnel step names across multiple funnels, and the wrong one is selected.

Because we send IDs and not Funnel Step names to ClickFunnels, it may be that you selected the wrong one.

I'm not seeing my Funnel in the drop-down list of Funnels

If you have more than 300 funnels in your ClickFunnels account, you will need to use a custom value and the Funnel ID from ClickFunnels in your Trigger step.

You can find the ID of your funnel page in the ClickFunnels' URL:

Image of URL from ClickFunnels showing the ID appearing after /funnels/

In the example above, the Funnel ID is 2962166. It is the number in the URL that follows

Once you copy that ID, in your Zap:

  1. Click the Funnel field.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select the Custom tab.
  3. Paste the Funnel ID in the Funnel input box.
  4. Select the appropriate Funnel Step. Funnel steps associated with the selected Funnel will be automatically populated.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Test the Zap to make sure that the correct information is coming through.

I'm using the "New Successful Purchase" trigger and new purchases aren't triggering my Zap?

Please make sure sure that the funnel step chosen in the Zap is the 'Order Page' from the funnel. If the subsequent steps in the funnel, which is often an 'Order Confirmation Page' like "thanks for your purchase" or similar, is selected, that won't work. The actual successful purchase was not on that funnel step!

My Custom Field is not coming through for Contact Activity trigger?

Please make sure that a field name is assigned for the custom field. If doing that still doesn't help, please make sure the "Custom Type" was not left as the default inside ClickFunnels:

Once the field name is added and the Custom Type field is customized, try to pull in a new sample and the custom field will showing up.

The Amount field sends the value in cents but my action step accepts the value in dollars?

To work around this, please add a Formatter step to divide the amount by 100:


I have a different problem/error

If you're getting any of the following issues:

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  • Why are duplicate contacts being created when someone orders or opts in?
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