Common Problems with Squarespace on Zapier

Does the app need any special plan pricing?

To use Zapier with Squarespace, you must be on the Website Business plan or higher. To learn more, visit their Premium features page.


My form doesn't appear in the Zap's dropdown menu

Zapier can only receive data from Form and Newsletter blocks in Squarespace. Forms created as part of a Cover Page or a product order are not supported.

As a workaround, you can configure other form types in Squarespace to use Google Drive or an email address as its storage. You can then trigger your Zap using the Google Sheets or Email Parser integrations.

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If your form is within a Form Block and doesn't appear in the dropdown, delete and recreate it within your Squarespace site. It should then appear when you refresh the Zap's dropdown menu. 


I can't turn on my Zap, even though it tested successfully

Squarespace only allows for one live Zap to be associated with a form, so if you have an existing Zap turned on that's connected to your form, you'll need to turn it off before turning on another.


I can't find the right form

When you create a form in Squarespace, it will be named "New Form" by default. If you are seeing multiple forms with the same name in Zapier, change the names of your forms on your Squarespace site, then check again.


When I test a trigger, it doesn't show my data

Squarespace only provides default data for trigger tests.


Squarespace is showing me the message "Status: Awaiting Connection" in the Storage tab of my form

If you see this message, you need to complete the remaining steps of the connection process. You can find more details in this Squarespace help guide.


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