Common Problems with Office 365

I Can't Connect My Account

First, make sure you can properly log into Usually, that means you must have an Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise account in order to use Zapier. You won't be able to connect to a personal or education account.

These accounts do not work:

  • accounts.
  • Office Home accounts.
  • or other personal Microsoft accounts.

If you're getting and error that says The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID 'XXXXX', this means that your Microsoft account doesn't have the right permissions to connect to Zapier. You'll need to have your Office 365 administrator grant you access to connect to third parties.

My Zaps Keep Getting Turned Off

Microsoft automatically expires their refresh token (what we use to connect to them) if any of the following occur:

  • You change or reset your password
  • You don't use the token for 14 days
  • It's been 90 days

Unfortunately, there is no way around these limitations. When your token expires, you will need to reconnect your account to Zapier. You can do that by going to the Connected Accounts page and clicking the reconnect button next to Office365, then typing in your credentials.

I’m Seeing a “Cannot Read Property 'value' of Undefined” Error

When we create an event in Microsoft Office 365 we use the timezone settings in your Zapier account to determine what timezone to send to Microsoft Office 365. If no timezone has been selected in your Zapier account, we won't be able to locate the corresponding timezone causing this error. Selecting a timezone within your Zapier account settings should fix this error.

My Zap Isn't Finding My Contact but They're Listed as a Contact in Office 365

The “Find Contact” action will only return contacts that have been added to your "My Contacts" list. Any contacts in company shared Directories or Shared Contact groups will not be returned. If you add those contacts to your "My Contacts" list, you'll be able to search for them.

My All-day Events Don’t Start and End on the Right Days

This may be due to differences in timezone settings. Make sure the timezone settings are consistent across the following places:

Otherwise, when viewing an all-day event in, the event might appear to start/end one day more/less than expected.

I’m Seeing a “id Is Malformed” Error When Using a Custom Value to Specify a Folder

This might be caused by using a slash “/“ in the custom value field. Replacing it with a hyphen “-“ instead should get rid of that error.

I’m Seeing a “you must enroll in multi-factor authentication to access” Error Message

This error may be occurring if multi-factor authentication was recently added to your Microsoft Office 365 account. To fix this, try reconnecting your Microsoft Office 365 account, this should allow you to reconnect using multi-factor authentication. Once reconnected you can then attempt to replay any Tasks that had this error.

All-day Events Triggering from Office 365 Are Not Showing up in My Action as Starting and Ending at Midnight, but Timezone Settings All Match!

Microsoft sends all-day events specifically in UTC so some adjustments to the date/time in the action step may be necessary. If you need to do more advanced modifications or reformat a date, you can use a Formatter step. Learn how to modify dates and times with Formatter.

Updated Events Aren’t Triggering My Zap

The “Updated Event” trigger will ignore any events that are updated within 15 seconds of being created so it may miss quick edits carried out just after an event is added. This can also affect samples so if you’re not finding an updated event sample try creating a new event, wait 15 seconds before making an edit and then attempt to pull in a new sample.

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