Common Problems with YouTube

My videos aren't being found by the New Video in Channel trigger

Check your Channel field has your Youtube Channel ID mapped. 

My Zap can't find a video even though I know it exists

We can only trigger Zaps videos that are set to public. Videos that are private or unlisted can't trigger your Zaps.

SoftTimeLimitExceeded Error

The process of downloading the video (from the origin), and uploading it to YouTube must finish within 180 seconds (three minutes). Otherwise, our system will cancel the process. We suggest compressing your video for it to be uploaded correctly.

I can't upload more than 5 videos in a day

If you're on a Free or Trial Zapier plan, you're limited to uploading up to 5 videos in a 24-hour period with the Youtube app. To fix held Zap runs, wait 24 hours, and you can replay them. To upload more than 5 videos in a day, you'll need to upgrade to a Zapier paid plan


My Zap does not show real data when I test the Upload Video action.

When you test the YouTube action "Upload Video", the step will not upload the video. It will return default data so that you can continue setting up the Zap without affecting your channel.

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