Common Problems with YouTube

My videos aren't being found by the New Video in Channel trigger

YouTube provides a "Human Readable" web address for a channel, such as:

In order to find the Channel ID to put into the field here:

Click the "Videos" link/tab/section in YouTube, and then look at the web address in their browser. You should see something like this in the URL:

Copy and paste the characters between "channel/" and "/videos" (in this example, UCa4RU443sQ17CW6xg_uWJfQ) into the Channel field in Zapier.

My Zap can't find a video even though I know it exists

Videos that are private or unlisted cannot be used, we can only pick up videos that are set to public and can be watched by anybody!

SoftTimeLimitExceeded Error

The process of downloading the video (from the origin), and uploading it to YouTube must finish within 180 seconds (three minutes), otherwise, our system will cancel the process. We suggest compressing your video in order for it to be uploaded properly.

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