Common Problems with Zoom

I can't connect my Zoom account

If you're having trouble connecting to your account, check to see:

  • Is Zapier pre-approved in the Zoom Marketplace? If not, contact your Zoom admin.
  • How many Zoom accounts are connected to your Zapier account? Right now, only 1 Zoom account can be connected to 1 Zapier account.

I am having trouble downloading a recording from the New Recording trigger

To receive a URL that will allow you to download files from the New Recording trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure “Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings” is set to OFF.
  3. Make sure “Require password to access shared cloud recordings” is set to OFF.

Image showing settings in Zoom that must be off for Zapier to receive recordings

At this time, the New Recording trigger is only able to provide accessible download URLs when those two settings are set to Off.

If you need to have one or both of those settings set to On, but would still like to download files from the New Recording trigger, please contact our support team, and we can file a feature request on your behalf.

The meeting duration is wrong

The Duration field for the Create Meeting action uses values in minutes. Make sure that the duration has not been set in hours.

How can I use Zapier with a payment processor to register paid webinar attendees?

Please refer to this Zoom guide for more details:

Error: The app returned "Registration has not been enabled for this webinar"

By default, registration is not required when setting up a webinar. The Create Webinar Registrant action only works with webinars where registration is required. Zoom has a help guide on how to set up registration for a webinar.

How can I change some fields in my Create Webinar Registrant action to "not required"?

The fields presented in the Create Webinar Registrant action and their status as "required" or "not required" are set directly in the specific Zoom webinar. Zoom has a help guide on how to set up registration fields for a webinar.

Error codes and messages for Zoom meetings and webinars

A full list of error codes and messages can be found on Zoom's documentation.

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