Common Problems with Google Ads on Zapier

How do I use Customer Identifiers?

Customer Identifier is contact information that you want to use to identify your customers in Google Ads. You can search for customers by using one of the following options:

  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • First, last name, country, and zip code
  • Multiple Identifiers (for advanced users)

Learn more in our tutorial for adding and removing contacts from customer lists.

Why does the task indicate that it ran successfully if I don’t see my customers in my list?

It can take 6-8 hours for the customer list to populate with your contact.

I'm not seeing my conversion actions show up for offline conversions?

Only conversion actions with a source of "Import from clicks" are supported with the Offline Conversions action.

Which account do I select in the "Use Google Ads as” field for the Offline Conversion Action?

  • To import conversion data to a single Ad account, select that account from the dropdown menu.
  • To import conversion data to all Ads accounts in the My Client Center, select your MCC.
  • To import conversion data to some Ads account in the My Client Center, you must set up a different action step for each account you want to send data to.
    • Select the MCC.
    • In the Managed Account dialog box, select your child account.

Error: This conversion is reported to have happened before the click

You are likely receiving this error because Google Ads needs up to 24 hours after the ad click before a conversion can be successfully uploaded. Try adding a delay step of 24 hours to your Zap to ensure all conversions are counted.

Error: A form may only have one webhook and be used in one Zap

A Google Ads lead form can only be used with one Zap. You may see this error if you try to turn on a second Zap using the same lead form.

If no other Zaps use your lead form, delete the Webhook URL and Key values under Lead Delivery Options, in your Google Ads account. Then, turn your Zap on again.

miscEye icon Note
Deleting these values will break any existing Zaps tied to the Lead Form.


Error: SoftTimeLimitExceeded()

If a Zap run errors and displays aSoftTimeLimitExceeded()warning, this means that the particular Zap run exceeded Google Ads' API requests per minute limit (60 requests per minute). To fix this, you can add a Delay After Queue action step, right after your Zap trigger. This will ensure tasks are spread out and avoid rate-limiting errors.


Error: Customer not enabled

If you see this error, this means that Zapier can't access your customer account, as it's been deactivated or it's not yet activated (in Draft state) before you can use the Google Ads API. If you've tried activating and reactivating your account and still getting this error, we recommend contacting Google Ads Support to check if your account can use Google Ads API.


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