Common Problems with Gravity Forms

I’m not seeing my feeds in Gravity Forms

Check your Gravity Forms API logs to see if there are any logs for your feeds. Logs will show:

  • The REST API basic authentication and OAuth tests.
  • Whether you’re connecting to the right one in Zapier.
  • A GET request for each connection attempt.
  • A GET request each time Zapier reads your forms.
  • A POST request when the Zap is turned on and when a feed is created.
  • A DELETE request when your Zap is turned off.
  • A /standard/ hook for new API requests.
  • A /catch/ for legacy API requests.

If you don’t see these logs, this is an issue with the REST API set up in WordPress. This may be due to issues with:

Basic authentication in WordPress

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Click Tools.
  • Select the Site Health.
  • Test your authorization headers.
    • The security item for the authorization header should say, The authorization header is working as expected.
  • Go back to Tools.
  • Select Site Health for Authentication Headers.
    • If there are any errors, have your Server Host check that the server that hosts your site has CGIPassAuth directive enabled.

Read more about WordPress:

Bad redirection in WordPress

Your redirection rules or another WordPress plugin is routing the REST API requests and remove the POST or DELETE from your request. This leaves a default GET request.

This can occur when you enter your site URL
- Without “www.” if your URL requires it.
- Or if you enter your site URL with “www.” when it does not require it.

WordPress plugins

Certain WordPress plugins like WordFence can block the REST API. Try adding to your safe list in your security settings. You may have to disable these plugins if that doesn't work.


If you’re using CloudFlare, contact their support to whitelist your API connections.

Some fields are empty but I know they are filled out!

This isn't uncommon if you have multiple fields in a form with the same label. We recommend just tweaking each label in a form to be unique and this problem will go away! (Be sure to send another sample through and map the new unique labels in the template section of your action!).

Errors in Testing/Blank Test data

Gravity Forms has blank sample data to start with so Zapier can recognize all the fields from the form. To test your Zap with real data, you'll need to do 3 things:

  1. Submit the form you have set up yourself, being sure to fill out all fields
  2. Go to the test option of the trigger step of your zap and click the "Re-test Gravity Forms" button in the lower left. This will pull new trigger data.
  3. Go to test option of the action step of your zap and select the "Re-test (action app)" button. This will create a new test with the new trigger data.

You should now see sample data appearing when clicking on the "Insert Fields" button.

The incorrect email is coming through

Using a "Confirm Email" plugin can send us an incorrect email result. If you have the right email recorded in Gravity Forms but it's not being sent to Zapier correctly, you'll need to turn off the Confirm Email plugin.

My New Form Submission does not include a URL for my uploaded image

The full URL for Signature fields are intentionally not sent for security reasons, so there are no plans for these to be made available. Post Image field URLs are available in the latest version of the Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On.

I encounter errors in subsequent steps when trying to use the File field/URL from a Gravity Forms trigger

Gravity Forms sends a placeholder URL that does not lead to a real file in the sample data ( Because of that, you will not be able to successfully test steps that require the use of this field (such as "Upload File" steps) in the Editor. We suggest that you click on "Skip the step" in testing and turn the Zap on.

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