Common Problems with HubSpot

400 Errors & Multiple Accounts

If you add the same HubSpot account to Zapier twice, the original account (IE: the first one you added) will no longer work. You should be able to just reconnect your Account in Zapier instead of just adding it again. For example, in your Connected Accounts area:

Reconnect your account.

Timeout or Memory Errors

On rare occasions HubSpot can return a lot of data which can clog up our system, in those cases we recommend removing a few fields from the Additional Properties to Retrieve field.

Trigger for New Form Entry Doesn't Have All My Fields

Right now the HubSpot API does not support all fields for the new form entry. This is a known issue that the HubSpot team is working on.

In the meantime, if you make a list in HubSpot that is keyed off of the form submission, and then change your Zapier trigger to be the "New
Contact in List" trigger, you'll have access to the entire contact profile in the action. This will solve the problem until we can get a better form submission trigger in there.

I'm getting an "Unable to add unknown contact to list" error

The Add Contact to List action requires that the contact already be in Hubspot before they can be added to a list. The best way to ensure this is to add the Hubspot Create/Update Contact action before the Add Contact to List action. This guarantees that the contact exists and can then be added to the list.

Hubspot won't accept my date field

Hubspot requires you to send the date as a UNIX timestamp. Luckily, you can do that with a simple Formatter step—learn more about that here: Converting a datetime value to a UNIX/Epoch timestamp.

In some cases, Hubspot also requires that a date/time be specifically midnight for a given date. In order to convert a date with a certain time into that same date at midnight, you'll need to add an additional Formatter step to first, convert the datetime to just the date without the time:

convert datetime to just a date

And then in the formatter step that converts it to UNIX, you will specify 12am:

convert to midnight

404 Error when trying to get Blog Authors

Blog authors aren't supported on the current version of the API we're using. We plan to upgrade this in the future, but in the meantime, you can use the "Use A Custom Value" to set the Blog Author's ID. The easier way to find the IDs is to create another zap with the Create/Update Contact action and to click the dropdown for the Hubspot Owner field - you'll see the IDs in gray after the user's name:

So if you wanted zap@zapier to be the author, you'd set the Blog Author like this:

"Property values were not valid" message when creating a new contact

Sometimes HubSpot returns the message Property values were not valid or The value supplied for the property _____ must be one of the available options.

This means that one of the fields in your action step template corresponds to a checkbox in Hubspot or Hubspot CRM, and you've specified something for that field that is not a "true" or "false" string—for example, a "yes", "no", "True", "False", etc. Hubspot will only take a "true" or "false" in those fields, so if your trigger app is passing data in different format, you can use a Formatter step to convert those values.

Multi-select fields won't work

If you have a multi-select field in Hubspot, you can map data to it by putting a ; in between the options. For example, it would look like this:

That would result in more than one option being selected on the Hubspot side. Note that the data you pass to Hubspot has to exactly match the option in Hubspot, including punctuation and capital letters.

Smart List is not available in the dropdown

The Add Contact to List action only works with Static Lists in Hubspot. Smart Lists will not show up here. You'll need to change your list in Hubspot to be a static list, or else use the Create/Update Contact action to update the property that would make a contact automatically qualify for a Smart List.

This access_token does not have proper permissions!

This error means that the Hubspot account you have connected to Zapier does not have enough permissions to perform your configured action in Zapier. You should add the permissions mentioned in the error to move forward.

More info on Hubspot permissions here:

New Contact in List triggers on contacts that are not in the list

Dynamic lists may use conditions that rely on properties that HubSpot will set for new contacts, but not immediately e.g. Original Source. If the condition only excludes certain values the contact may match the conditions briefly until the properties have been set. Add a "The contact property X is known" condition to the list to prevent this.

I'm getting the error " returned (403) Forbidden and said "This access_token (###) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [content-access])"

Generally, we see this error when trying to add an event to a HubSpot calendar that the connected account doesn't have access to. The "New Calendar Task" trigger only works with HubSpot Marketing product's content calendar - not normal Hubspot CRM tasks.

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