How to Get Started with MySQL

About MySQL's Integration

What kind of authentication does MySQL use?

MySQL uses a custom authentication.

If you're using MySQL version 8, you must use the mysql_native_password for authentication plugin. SHA2 authentication isn't supported at this time.

Do I need special account permissions in MySQL to use MySQL with Zapier?

You must allow Zapier to connect in:

  • Network
  • Server
  • SQL server

Are custom fields in MySQL supported when I use MySQL with Zapier?

Yes, custom fields are supported.

Connecting with MySQL

When connecting a new MySQL account, you'll see the following fields:

Connect Fields

Host: This is the IP address or hostname ( of your database instance. It must be accessible from outside your network. Zapier will send database connections from three IP address.

Port: 3306 is the default. Change it if you're using a non-standard port.

Database: This is the name of the database to read data from.

Username: This is the username that will access the database. You should create a new Zapier-specific user with limited permission scope.

Password: This is the password for the account associated with the user name.

SSL Client Certificate and SSL Private Key: These are fields you can use if you'd like to use MySQL certificate authorization instead of username/password authorization. You'll still need to provide a username since the field is required.

miscEye icon Note

Although all fields are stored encrypted in our database, you should not connect a production database to Zapier. You should create an intermediary database to connect with Zapier, then send data back to your main production database.

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