Can't connect to my database

Database connections may have strict requirements. Here are a few things you can re-check:

What version of MySQL are you using?

If you're using MySQL version 8, you must use the mysql_native_password for authentication plugin. SHA2 authentication isn't supported at this time.

Is your database IP restricted?

This is useful if you use a non-AWS host, for example: Rackspace, HostGator, Linode, DigitalOcean, etc. Zapier connections currently come from static IP addresses. Zapier will make connections to your database from the following IP address:


Important: Don't forget to do both things: open up your firewall and add the IPs to your user GRANT permissions.

For example, if you wanted to grant SELECT access to a user called zapier on a your_database.your_table in PostgreSQL, you'll need to use the following command:

GRANT SELECT ON your_database.your_table TO 'zapier'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password';

If you plan to insert, make sure to add the insert statement to the grant:

```sql GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON your_database.your_table TO 'zapier'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password';

You might try granting all privileges to verify the Zap is working, then narrow down on just the permissions you actually need.

For PostgreSQL, you'll need to configure the server to accept logins from remote IPs (in pg_hba.conf), and create a user for Zapier to use.

Important: If you are hosting your database on Amazon AWS please follow the steps for using Amazon RDS/EC2 below.

Is your database listening on a public interface?

Be sure your database isn't bound to only listening to - commonly you want to bind it to or * or remove that restriction completely. Check your my.conf, postgresql.conf or similar configuration.

Using Amazon RDS/EC2 or Heroku?

You need to make sure we can access the database from

Amazon RDS/EC2

If you are using Amazon RDS or EC2 for your database, you need to add to your security group.

First, find out if you are on the VPC or Classic Platform.

If you are on the classic platform, navigate to RDS and click "Security Groups" on the left hand navbar. You should see the following:

security groups

Select the security group that you are using for your database instance and add the above IP as a CIDR/IP authorization.


Test your connection and if the steps above were completed correctly you should be good to go!

If you are on the VPC platform, please make sure that it is publicly accessible and within a public subnet in addition to allowing the above IP.

See Scenarios for Accessing a DB Instance in a VPC for more details on for both VPC and Classic.

Using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and CloudSQL?

If hosting MySQL on GCP you need to add the IP ( to the "Authorised networks" section on the "connections" tab within CloudSQL.

Additional information and instructions here:

Check username, password, SSL certificates

Check for typos, permissions, and spaces at the end of fields and make sure they are all entered correctly.

Is your database very slow?

It isn't uncommon to see queries take much too long for Zapier to correctly operate - you should ensure your queries run well under the 30-second limit we impose. Remember, if you are doing WHERE clauses to add indexes on those columns, please be sure your id column has an index as well (normally that is a primary key and is automatic).

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