App updates: Microsoft Teams Events, ChatGPT, Shopify, Stripe, Google AI Studio, and more

Microsoft Teams Events

Introducing the new Microsoft Teams Events app on Zapier, enabling Microsoft (MS) Teams admins to seamlessly integrate their workflows. This app currently supports MS Team webinar functionality:

  • New Webinar Registrant trigger
  • Create Webinar Attendance Report action
  • Find Webinar action
  • Find Webinar Registration action



We’ve made a number of improvements to the ChatGPT app:

  • Bug fixed where errors were incorrectly returned as successes, providing more accurate feedback to users.
  • Bug fix implemented to filter and exclude incompatible tools from the Create Conversation with Assistant action.
  • We’ve added two new actions:
    • Create Vector Store: This action allows users to upload up to 10k files into an assistant for enhanced data source capabilities.
    • Create Translation: This action allows you to translate text to a targeted language.
  • The Create Assistant action has been updated to support vector stores, providing users with more flexibility and power in managing their files.



We know managing your Shopify store can be hectic. To help simplify your process, we've upgraded the New Order and Updated Order triggers to use webhooks. This means your Zaps will run instantly.

  • Exciting new triggers include New Refund, New Canceled Order, and Order Fulfilled.
  • The new search action Get Order by Id lets you find orders by ID.
  • We've added the “Shipping Method” field to Create Order action for better tracking.
  • The New Product trigger now outputs additional fields: 
    • “Product URL”
    • “Published”
    • “Product Price”


Managing payments can be a complex task. We've made it easier for you with two new actions in our Stripe integration: 

  • Create Payment: This action allows you to initiate a new transaction directly.
  • Confirm Payment: This action helps you ensure transactions are successfully completed.


Google AI Studio

Generative AI modeling can be challenging. To help you unlock greater possibilities, we've added support for Google Ultra and 1.5 models in Google AI Studio on Zapier.

  • Google Ultra enhances your machine-learning projects with advanced generative AI functionalities.
  • Google 1.5 provides a robust model for a wide variety of generative AI applications.



Dealing with recurring invoices and credit notes can be time-consuming. To ease this process, we've introduced a new trigger and action:

  • Create Repeating/Recurring Invoice: This action allows for easy handling of regular invoices.
  • Create Credit Note. This trigger will promptly notify you when a credit note is created.


AWS Lambda

Executing AWS Lambda functions can often require multiple steps. To streamline this, we're introducing a new action, in our AWS Lambda app.

The Invoke Function action allows you to directly execute a specific Lambda function from Zapier.

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