Give editing access to a table through Interfaces

If you want to give a non-Zapier user access to edit a table, you can do so by embedding it in Zapier Interfaces


If you are a member of a Team, Company, or Enterprise account, you can give edit access to other account members directly from your table.


  1. Click the Linked assets icon in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the Interfaces tab. 
  3. Click + Create. A dialog box will open.
  4. Click Start building your Interface. A new tab or window will open with your new interface.

To set up the permissions for the table:

  1. Click the Table view page to view your table. Hover your mouse over the table and click the Edit icon on the top right of the table. A sidebar will open.
  2. Click to toggle the switch on next to the permission you want to grant your user:
    • Create: allow users to add new records. When this is on, you can also enter a label for the new records button.
    • Edit: allow users to edit existing records.
    • Delete: allow users to delete records.

An Interfaces screen with the sidebar open showing the possible permissions.



To give view-only access to users, toggle all permissions off.


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