App updates: ChatGPT, Stripe,, Xero, and TalentLMS

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.


Updated feature:

  • Extended conversation ID support: The Conversation with Assistant action now supports conversation IDs longer than 32 characters to enhance app capabilities.

New actions:

  • Check Moderation: Introducing a new action to assist with moderation tasks.
  • Generate Image with DALLE 3: Enable image generation directly within your workflows using DALLE 3 technology.



Updated feature:

  • Enhanced New Invoice trigger: Resolved an issue where the New Invoice trigger was activated prematurely. The new version 2 trigger now defaults to triggering for 'open' (finalized) invoices instead of draft invoices, ensuring all details are added before activation.

New trigger:

  • New Event: Track new events within Stripe to streamline your workflows.

Bug fixes:

  • Refined New Payment Link trigger: Updated to activate only for specific products, enhancing its utility and accuracy.

New feature:



New triggers:

  • Updated Invoice: Trigger actions when invoices are updated in Xero.
  • New Event: Capture new events in Xero to streamline workflow integration.

New action:

  • Create Inventory Item: Easily add new inventory items directly within Xero.



New feature:

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