Custom Actions in Zapier


Custom Actions are a beta feature. It is available for use, but is still in active development and may change.

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App Extensions were renamed to Custom Actions on December 18, 2023.

Custom Actions allow you to create customized actions for existing public apps on Zapier. By using the app's public API, you can create actions that are not available by default using HTTP requests.

With the Custom Actions, you can:
  • Create custom-made actions when an existing app on Zapier does not have the actions you need.
  • Use your personal and shared app connection accounts to automatically set the authentication header.
  • Share and reuse custom-made actions across Zaps and teammates.
  • View comprehensive API responses.
You also will have the option to use AI to generate your custom action settings, streamlining the process of creating Custom Actions. This eliminates the need to manually search for the method and API endpoint in an app’s API docs, and auto-filling the custom action settings.
Zapier recommends using Custom Actions when creating a specific action to use in more than one Zap. Custom Actions are an excellent way to share your Custom Actions with your teammates.
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  • Custom Actions isn’t available for all public apps. See the list of supported apps.
  • You can’t create Custom Actions for private apps.
  • If the API changes, you may need to update your Custom Actions.
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  • To use this feature, you’ll need familiarity with sending HTTP requests, APIs, and reading API documentation.
  • Our Support team is able to provide basic troubleshooting for this feature, but they cannot troubleshoot the API you use.
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