App update: Notion, Zoho Bookings, KonnektiveCRM, StreetText, and many more

Notion: app update

Notion's latest update enhances user productivity and content management capabilities. New enhancements include:

  • The Create Database Item action now supports titles and content exceeding 2000 characters, allowing for more detailed entries.
  • Triggers and actions within Notion now accommodate status field types, providing better workflow customization.
  • Improved markdown support ensures more seamless formatting and data presentation in Notion.
  • You can leverage "File" type fields within your automated workflows, enabling both triggers and actions to work with file attachments seamlessly.

Zoho Bookings: app update

Zoho Bookings now includes new data centers (DCs), expanding its app capabilities on Zapier. With this update, users from Japan (JP), Canada (CA), and Saudi Arabia (SA) data centers can now connect Zoho Bookings with their favorite apps and automate workflows seamlessly on Zapier.

KonnektiveCRM: app update

KonnektiveCRM has made an update simplifying the partial creation process by no longer requiring a phone number. This change streamlines the setup for users who are managing partials within the CRM, enhancing the functionality and user experience in the platform.

StreetText: app update

StreetText app now offers more versatility with the addition of 2-way contact syncing capabilities. This update allows for the creation and updating of contacts, the addition and deletion of tags, and ensures that Meta ad audiences are kept current. Enjoy greater control and seamless synchronization with your preferred tools.

mailXpert: app update

mailXpert has introduced a new action to enhance your email marketing workflows. The Create (Double-Opt-In)/Update a Contact action allows for more responsible email list management by requiring a confirmation email for new subscriptions. This update ensures better engagement with genuinely interested contacts and complies with anti-spam regulations.

ActiveCampaign: app update

ActiveCampaign has enhanced its app with more informative samples by retrieving the latest modified record for object schema. This update leads to an improved experience in automating workflows by providing users with the most recent and relevant data examples.

Ezekia: app update

Ezekia has improved its financial feature set with a valuable update. When a revenue entry is converted to an invoice, the revenue details are now included within the invoice response, streamlining financial data management.

Ruuster: app update

Ruuster's latest update enhances your property search capabilities. This update includes:

  • Support for filtering searches by county and school districts.
  • The addition of a new construction filter to refine your property searches further.

WeQuote: app update

We've updated the WeQuote app on Zapier to make your project management even smoother! Here's what's new:

  • Trigger when a new project is created, so you can automate workflows as soon as a project kicks off.
  • Trigger for when a project status changes, allowing you to stay updated and trigger actions based on project progress.

Sindup: app update

Sindup's latest update enhances user management and content organization. Now, you can easily add or remove users within the Sindup platform, streamlining team workflows. Moreover, new functionality to assign tags to folder contents has been introduced, allowing for better sorting and retrieval of information.

Transkriptor: app update

This update introduces a new "Transcription Language" field to the Upload Audio or Video File action. This enhancement ensures that users can specify the language for accurate transcription of their audio or video files.

Zuddl: app update

Zuddl has released new updates to enhance its app with Zapier. Users can now automate their workflow with greater efficiency using the newly added triggers and actions:

New triggers:

  • Zuddl User Activity: This trigger activates when an attendee takes an action in your Zuddl event, providing almost immediate updates.
  • Zuddl Bulk User Activity: Designed for post-event processing, this trigger activates 1 hour after the event ends, summarizing attendee actions.

New action:

  • Bulk Registration: This action can be added to any trigger, allowing you to capture registrations in batches for more streamlined event management.

Action enhancements:

  • New Registration: The action now supports custom registration form fields, allowing for a more tailored registration process to be passed to Zapier.

Knips: app update

Knips has released an update that enhances team collaboration. Users can now add team members as post authors directly within the app, streamlining content management and workflow.

JobTread: app update

JobTread has refined its Zapier app, focusing on enhancing user experience by fixing an issue with the Task Created trigger. This update ensures that the trigger functions as intended, providing a more reliable and efficient workflow for users.

Zuddl: app update

Zuddl has rolled out an enhancement to its actions with the new Bulk Registration action. This action can be paired with any trigger, allowing users to efficiently capture event registrations in batches. Simplify the process of managing attendee information with this latest update.

Superchat: bug fixes

Superchat has released some improvements to enhance user experience. Key updates include:

  • Resolved issues affecting email-sending capabilities, ensuring smoother communication.
  • Enhanced error messages for WhatsApp template sending failures, helping to clarify issues when they occur.

Close: app update

Close has streamlined its app on Zapier by updating the terminology used in its actions. The previous Create Invite action has been re-labeled to Add User, reflecting a move away from the concept of "invites".

Agency Revolution Fuse: bug fixes

We have recently implemented fixes to the Agency Revolution Fuse app on Zapier. These updates have resolved issues with the authentication process and loading campaigns, ensuring a smoother and more reliable connection for all users.

Jira Software Cloud: app update

Jira Software Cloud brings a new addition to automate your workflows more efficiently with the Find or Create Issue action to streamline your tasks by checking for existing issues or creating new ones without manual intervention. This practical action will save you time and reduce the chances of duplicate issue reporting.

ForceManager: bug fixes

We've made improvements to enhance your experience with ForceManager. Here's what's new:

Xero: bug fixes

We've made some improvements to the Xero app that smooths out your workflow. Here's what's been fixed:

  • Resolved an issue where a unit amount of 0.0 was not being transmitted correctly, leading to validation errors.
  • Enhanced error messages for better clarity and troubleshooting.

FastGem: app update

FastGem has enhanced its Create Person action with a valuable update. Users can now input a "Department" field when creating a person record, allowing for better organization and categorization of contacts within the app. This improvement aims to streamline workflows and improve data management for FastGem users.

Formstack: app update

Formstack has enhanced its New Submission trigger by adding a new feature that allows users to identify fields by their IDs. This update facilitates a more precise and streamlined workflow when managing submission data.

Farmbrite: app update

Farmbrite's app on Zapier has received an update designed to enhance efficiency for its users. These improvements include:

  • The New Order trigger now provides the line item total, calculating the quantity by price for each order line item to streamline your order management process.
  • The ability to assign tasks has been improved, now allowing you to assign tasks directly using a user's email address, simplifying the delegation process.

JeffreyAI: app update

JeffreyAI has just launched an update that enhances your contact management capabilities. Users can now seamlessly add contacts into groups, ensuring better organization and efficiency in handling your connections. This feature simplifies grouping contacts, allowing for more effective communication and outreach strategies.

Freshsales Suite: app update and bug fixes

Freshsales Suite has rolled out a new update improving user experience and functionality. In this latest version, users can now enjoy a new feature and several bug fixes:

  • The Add Note action has been introduced, allowing users to add notes to records seamlessly.
  • The issue with accounts not being linked to contacts through Zapier is now resolved.
  • The "Source" field is properly displayed, and the "Owner" field no longer shows null values in Zapier.
  • The Create User and Update User actions have been fixed to ensure contacts are added to the designated list accurately.

Exact Online: app update

Exact Online has expanded its app capabilities on Zapier with the addition of new features. Users can now automate their workflows more effectively by utilizing the following updates:

  • A new search capability to easily find subscriptions within the app.
  • A new action that allows the creation of subscriptions directly via Zapier.
  • A new search capability to quickly find Cost Centers and Cost Units. You can also create and update them! Connect: bug fix

This update addresses a specific issue with Connect related to cross-regional client updates. Previously, some users experienced difficulties updating client information across different regions, but this bug has now been resolved to ensure smooth and consistent performance.

Alchemer: bug fix

This update addresses a critical bug in Alchemer's New Survey Response trigger. Users encountering issues with trigger inactivity after their survey reached 500 responses can now expect consistent performance, ensuring no new responses are missed.

Paigo: app update

Paigo has introduced a new Customer Created trigger, allowing for seamless app with downstream systems. This update simplifies automation processes by instantly syncing new customer data across platforms.

Docmosis: app update

Docomosis has rolled out an enhancement, that now supports line item data. This update enables users to create comprehensive documents featuring lists with multiple items or utilize loops to populate tables efficiently. The feature takes advantage of Docmosis's capabilities in handling repeating sections and rows within templates.

mloflo: app update

mloflo has enhanced the Add Lead action by introducing new fields specifically for co-borrowers, as well as a restructured format for borrower address fields. These updates offer more precision and organization when managing lead information within the platform.

ArcSite: app update

ArcSite's latest update enhances the Project Created trigger by adding a Job Number to it. This addition allows users to track and manage projects more efficiently by utilizing job numbers for quick identification and organization within workflows.

Tomorro: app update

Tomorro's recent update has enhanced its contract management capabilities. Users can now:

  • Add guest signatories directly from templates when setting up a contract, streamlining the contract creation process.
  • Utilize the new Send for Signature action to easily route contracts for signing, further automating workflow efficiency.

Dealership Drive: app update

Dealership Drive has expanded its Lead Activity Types to enhance your customer engagement tracking capabilities. The added activities include inquiries for rent, lease, consignment, and sales, as well as parts and service inquiries. Additional types now cover social media messages, demonstration requests, phone calls, text messages, referrals, and walk-ins, providing a more comprehensive view of lead interactions.

Superchat: bug fixes

We've recently improved Superchat by fixing the formatting issues in the Create Contact and Update Contact action outputs. Users can now enjoy more accurate and reliable contact management within the app.

SourceWhale: app update

SourceWhale has introduced a new customization option for the Contact Updated trigger. Users can now specify which particular fields, when altered, will activate this trigger, allowing for more precise control over their workflow automations.

Ezekia: bug fixes

This update addresses a specific issue where users encountered errors when saving amount values during invoice updates. With this bug now fixed, Ezekians should experience smoother and more reliable invoice management.

WhatConverts: app update

WhatConverts has enhanced its Find Lead action by adding a default start date. This update simplifies lead searches by automatically including a starting point for the time frame in which you're looking to find leads.

Salesforce: app update

Salesforce has expanded its app capabilities with a new action. Users can now leverage the Create Child Records with Line Item Support action to streamline their workflows by creating multiple related records in one operation. This update enhances data management and automation for complex business processes involving line items.

Eventbrite: app update

Eventbrite has rolled out an app update to enhance user experience. A new Status filter has been added to the Updated Attendee trigger, allowing for more refined and targeted automation workflows in your event management process. This update helps you to focus on specific attendee updates that matter most to your events.

Xero: app update

Xero has recently expanded its functionality on Zapier with the addition of a new trigger. Users can now trigger workflows using the Create Inventory Item trigger, which allows for the automation of inventory management tasks whenever new inventory items are created in Xero.

NationBuilder: app update

NationBuilder has expanded its Zapier app capabilities. This update includes a new trigger called New Event RSVP, enabling you to automate workflows when someone RSVPs to an event in NationBuilder.

beehiiv: bug fixes

The beehivv app has improved how the List All Subscribers action works. It now properly compiles every subscriber into an array, ensuring no one is missed.

Google Drive: bug fixes

Google Drive's recent update addresses several critical bugs for a smoother experience. Notable fixes include:

  • Resolved the issue with Find or Create Folder action to ensure folders are correctly created in Shared Drives without a specified parent folder.
  • Corrected file object attribute settings to ensure proper file name assignment when passed to subsequent actions.
  • Fixed the Create TXT File action to correctly set MIME types and enabled proper conversion to Google Docs when required.
  • Enhanced file object compatibility for seamless use as an attachment in Gmail's Send Email action.

Urable: bug fix

The Urable app is now smoother and more consistent. When you have multiple completed jobs, your Zaps will trigger reliably, keeping your workflows running efficiently.

NationBuilder: app update

NationBuilder has improved its Zapier app with new features and enhancements. Users can now automate tasks more efficiently with these updates:

  • A new New Blog Post trigger has been added, complete with a dynamic dropdown option.
  • Dynamic dropdown functionality has been added to the Update Event action for better usability.
  • Pagination has been implemented for the Find Logged Contact, Find Person, and Find Petition actions, allowing for more efficient data handling.
  • The Create Event action now has a corrected output label for clarity.
  • Enhanced labels have been added to all dynamic fields for improved field identification.

Oxolo: app update

Oxolo's latest update expands the functionality of its Zapier app with new triggers and an action to enhance your video automation workflows.

New triggers include:

  • Get Video Success Event: notifies when a video has successfully been processed.
  • Get Video Events: captures all events related to video processing.
  • Video List By Status: lists videos based on their processing status.

New action:

  • Create Video For Slack: allows users to create videos directly from Slack.
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