I can't join my employer's Zapier account

If you were invited to join a Zapier Company or Enterprise account and cannot sign up, it may be because your IT administrator has domain capture enabled for your account. This feature allows your organization to automatically grant Zapier access to anyone using an email with their domain.


Check if the Zapier app has been assigned to you

When your account enables domain capture, your IT administrator must assign the Zapier app to you in your organization’s identity provider (like OneLogin, G-Suite, or Okta) before you can join. Ask your company's IT administrator to assign the Zapier app to you, then try signing up again.


Ask your IT admin for an invite

Some organizations may choose to limit access to invited users only. The domain capture modal at signup will tell you to Contact your admin if it is limited. If your organization uses an invite-only policy, you will need to be invited to the account directly. You will not be able to sign up on your own using your work email.


Sign up directly at Zapier.com/signup

You must sign up at http://zapier.com/signup using your company email address or Google Single Sign-On (SSO).

If you’re still having trouble joining your organization’s Zapier account, contact Zapier support.


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