Use domain capture to ensure your employees join your Zapier account

Domain capture allows you to determine how your employees can join your Zapier for Companies account: automatically or by invitation only.


Domain capture is a beta feature. It's available for use, but still in active development and may change. During this beta period, after you set up SAML SSO, only users who sign up by email will be captured in your account. For all other signups, you must manually invite them to join your company account.


Enable domain capture

To use domain capture, you must: 

  • Verify your domain.
  • Enable SAML.
  • Go to your account Settings.
  • In the left sidebar, click Organization to be redirected to your organization settings. 
  • In the Domain capture field, you must select either:
    • Anyone at a verified domain can join (default).
    • Only invited users.

The Domain capture field has an “Anyone at a verified domain can request to join” option, but it does not work with domain capture during this beta period. You must select one of the other options.


Assign Zapier to your employees in your SAML application

  • You must assign Zapier to your employees in the identity provider that you used to enable SAML, like Okta, Azure, or OneLogin.
  • Notify your employees that they must sign up at using their email address. 
  • When they sign up, they will see a dialog box that notifies them that a Company account exists.
  • If they click:
    • Join your team, they’ll be redirected to your identity provider to authenticate and join your account.
    • Use a different email, they will not be able to sign up for Zapier using an email address with your company email domain.

Once a user joins your account, you can change their user role at any time.



  • You must be a super admin or owner of your Company account to enable domain capture.
  • Your domain cannot use a free email domain like or 
  • Users must sign up from using their email. 
    • Domain capture is not available for users who use SSO to log in.
  • Domain capture will capture new users who sign up on your account. It will not capture existing users using your domain.
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