Embed external content into an interface


This feature is available on paid Zapier Interfaces plans.

The Embed component lets you add content from another website within your interface, such as a playable video or a calendar.


Add an Embed component

To add the Embed component to a page:

  1. From any interface page, hover over the plus sign + at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Add component. A sidebar will appear.
  3. Find and click the Embed component. It will be added to the bottom of the page. The component editor will open.
  4. Click the Source dropdown menu to select:
    • Code: use an embed code.
    • URL: use an embed URL.


Code URL


  1. Paste the embed code into the HTML field. Only iframe code can be used.
  2. (Optional) You can adjust the height and width of the embed.
  • Zapier pages and products cannot be embedded. You can use other components to embed Zapier Chatbots and Tables.
  • Besides public content, you can also use logged-in embeddable content, such as a private video or calendar. If the content requires log in to another service, visitors will be able to log into their own accounts directly from the interface page.
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