Google error: requested entity was not found


When using any of the Google apps as actions in your Zaps, you see the error message "requested entity was not found". This error can be found when setting up a Zap or in the details of a Zap run in your Zap history.


This happens when the Google app requires an ID value for a field but your Zap sends a non-ID value instead. 

How to fix it

To fix this issue:

  1. In your Zap, go to the step and field that is running into this error.
  2. To understand what kind of value the field will accept, you can review:
    • The field’s help text for information about what kind of value is accepted by the app.
    • The list of preset options for the field by clicking the field to expand the dropdown menu, if it has one.
      • Sometimes, the ID may be the same as the name of the value, or it may be a numeric or alphanumeric string.
      • The ID is located below the name of the item in a dropdown menu. (The name is in bold, black text. The ID is below in light gray text.)
  3. Review the value you currently have in the field. If it does not contain an ID value, you must change it by doing one of the following:


actionEdit icon Example

Opening the dropdown menu for the Contact field in this Google Contacts Update Contact step, you can see that the contact name (“Jamie Bennett”, as shown in the bold black text) and contact ID (“people/c1795597505863461761”, as shown in the gray text) are different. Google Contacts requires the contact ID, not the name. To ensure the ID matches, you can either:

  • Use a custom value by mapping a field from a previous step if it returns the contact ID or manually entering the contact ID if you only need the same contact entered each time the Zap runs.
  • Use a lookup table to return the contact ID by adding a Formatter step before the Google Contacts Update Contact step, then map the ID to the Contact field.
  • Search for the contact and their ID by adding a Google Contacts Find Contact search action before the Google Contacts Update Contact step, then map the ID to the Contact field.
  • Use a Google Contacts Find Contact search action to find the contact and their ID.

screenshot of example of a dropdown menu for Google Contacts to show ID value that apps require for a field..png

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