Improve Zapier Central bot results

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Zapier Central is a product in public preview. It’s available for use, but it's experimental, still in active development and may change. Learn more about data safety with Central.


You can improve the results of your Zapier Central bots by refining the information you provide to them. This article will help you improve your bot's results.

Improve the instructions

Bots work best when they have specific instructions to follow. Ensure you mention the following aspects in your instructions:

  • Trigger: specify what event should trigger the bot's behavior, and mention the app it should come from, if any. 
  • Actions: if you have multiple actions, use bullet points or a numbered list to ensure they are clearly explained. 
    • Use app names when explaining actions, so the bot can use the appropriate app.
  • Data sources: if your bot uses a data source, ensure you mention any specific part of it that it should use to complete the behavior.

Whenever you make changes to instructions, a trigger, or actions, you can test your behavior to ensure it works as expected. To test a behavior, click the Test behavior link. 




Add data sources

Data sources are documents your bot can use to inform its replies to you. You can add multiple documents to ensure the bot has all the information it needs. Learn more about data sources.


Give feedback on bot messages

When you interact with the bot, you can provide feedback for each of the bot's replies.  



Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to give Zapier feedback about how the bot is doing. This helps the development team improve the product and ensure it meets your expectations.


Explore Zapier's app directory

Zapier provides access to 6,000+ apps that can be connected to your bot. Visit the app directory to find apps that can help you automate your daily tasks. You can find other apps by looking at app categories, or by looking at the "Similar apps" section of an app-specific page.


Provide feedback and get help

Submit a feature request, provide feedback on existing features, or get help from the Zapier Central team. You can also discuss Central with other users on Zapier's Early Access Program Slack.

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