App updates: Airtable, YouTube, Stripe, ChatGPT, SendGrid, and many more

Airtable: app update

We’ve migrated users from API Keys to OAuth, as API keys were deprecated by Airtable on February 1, 2024. This change enhances security and streamlines connect process for you.

If you’ve not been successfully migrated, follow the instructions listed in the Latest update on migrating from Airtable API Keys to OAuth.


YouTube: app update

We’ve added support for Ad metrics in the Create Report action. This allows creators and partners to measure the performance of video ads.


Stripe: app update

We’ve added a new action Cancel Subscription. This addition allows you to directly cancel subscriptions within your workflows, providing more control and flexibility in managing customer subscriptions. 


ChatGPT: bug fix and app updates

  • We fixed the bug with the Conversation with Assistant action, where users were getting the error “Can't add messages to thread_thread_(threadid) while a run run_(runid) is active.”. This fix ensures smoother interactions within your workflows.
  • We’ve improved the “File Upload” experience by adding help text listing supported file types and showing the error message “Invalid File Format” immediately. Helping you to quickly get your Zaps up and running. 


Jira Software Server: app update

We’ve fixed how the datetime data is sent to Jira, fixing errors related to format mismatches. Now, the datetime is formatted precisely as Jira expects, ensuring smoother data exchange and reliability.  


SendGrid: app update

You can now use SendGrid with Custom Actions. Start creating your own custom actions today!


Asana: app update

We’ve updated the Update Task action, it now supports custom fields. So you can complete all of your custom fields in Asana in your Zap.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: bug fix and app updates

We’ve made a number of improvements to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central experience:

  • We fixed an authentication bug that was preventing users from using the app.
  • You can now use it with Custom Actions. Allowing you to unlock the potential of your workflows. 


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