Review conversation history for chatbots


Zapier Chatbots is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.

You can review a chatbot's conversation history to understand how it's helping your users and what common questions come up. 


Read a conversation's history

The list that appears on the chatbot's Conversations tab shows each conversation's date, the beginning of the first message, and the number of messages in the conversation. To read a specific conversation:

  1. From the Chatbots dashboard, click your chatbot.
  2. Click the Conversations tab.
  3. From the Recent conversations list that will appear, click the conversation you want to review.
  4. The full conversation will be displayed on the right-side panel.


Conversation history panel


Conversation metrics

For each chatbot, you can view key performance metrics at the top of the Conversations tab. These include:

  • Total conversations.
  • Total number of messages exchanged across all conversations.
  • Number of actions performed within conversations. 

The numbers are for the whole period the chatbot is active.


Answer feedback

When a user has left feedback for a chatbot answer, you will see the label "Feedback provided", in the Recent conversations list. You can click on the conversation to see which answer received feedback and if it was marked "Helpful" or "Not helpful".  

You can create a Zap to collect all feedback received from conversations.


You can also create a Chatbots action to collect the conversation transcript and send it to any app. Learn how to set up the Run Zap action and save a transcript.


Plan limits on conversation history

The past conversations you can view depend on which Chatbots plan you have. There is no limitation on how long the conversation is, regardless of plan.


Plan Past conversations available
Free 7 day
Premium 14 days
Advanced 30 days

Upgrade to a different plan to get access to more conversations.

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