Google Sheets error: 400 Blank rows cannot be written; use delete instead


You see an error message of "400 Error: Blank rows cannot be written; use delete instead" when Zapier attempts to create a spreadsheet row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This error happens when testing the Zap or if the Zap is turned on.


This error happens when Zapier encounters a blank row during data transfer between an app and a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can't create a blank spreadsheet row.

How to fix it

To fix the issue, follow these steps:
  • Turn off your Zap: This will prevent the Zap from trying to process data while you're working on it.
  • Re-test your trigger or action: This will ensure Zapier is looking at the most recent data in your spreadsheet.
  • Remap the field: In your affected action steps where the data hasn’t been added, re-select the field.
  • Save your changes: Once you have remapped the field, click the Save button.
  • Turn your Zap back on: Your Zap should now be able to find the data that it needs and process it correctly.
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