Google Sheets error: Invalid query parameter value for grid_id


You've selected your worksheet in the Zap editor and see the error message "Invalid query parameter value for grid_id".


There are a few factors can contribute to this error:
  1. Switching to a different spreadsheet without reselecting the worksheet. If you switch to a different spreadsheet without re-selecting the worksheet, the Zap may still attempt to use the previously selected worksheet, leading to the error.
  2. Modifying the selected worksheet. If the worksheet you've selected is deleted, moved, or has its name changed, the Zap will no longer be able to locate the intended worksheet, resulting in the error.
  3. Using a custom value to set the worksheet. Currently, Zapier doesn't support the use of custom values in the Worksheet field. If you've manually entered a custom value instead of selecting a worksheet from the dropdown list, this error will occur.

How to fix It

To resolve this error, follow these steps:
  1. Reselect the spreadsheet in your Zap.
    • Go to the Zap step where the error appears.
    • Reselect the Spreadsheet field.
    • Reselect the Worksheet field. This action ensures that the Zap is using the correct worksheet identifier.
  2. Don’t manually enter a custom value to set the worksheet. Setting a worksheet with a custom value isn’t supported for Google Sheets.
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