Use Zaps with Interfaces components

You can connect some Zapier Interfaces components to Zaps. This allows you to automate actions based on data your visitors enter into these components, such as submitting a form or moving a Kanban card to a different column.


Zapier tasks used by an interface do not count toward your account's task usage.


Create a Zap

To create a Zap from a component:

  1. Hover your mouse over the component and click Edit.
  2. If the component can be connected to a Zap, the right sidebar will have an Action tab.
  3. Click + Add action.
  4. Set up the required fields for the action.
  5. Click Create Zap.

A new page or tab will open to set up your Zap action.



If you do not have a Zapier account, you can sign up for a free trial


Provide feedback and get help

You can make a feature request, provide feedback on existing features and get help from the Interfaces team.

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