Summarize text with Google Vertex AI on Zapier

With Google Vertex AI, you can use artificial intelligence to summarize text.
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You can summarize text such as:
  • Meeting notes.
  • Documents.
  • Customer feedback.
To set up a Summarize Text action:

1. Choose the app and event

  • In the Zap editor, click the action step, or click the plus + icon to add an action to your Zap.
  • Search and select Google Vertex AI.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu.
  • Select Summarize Text.
  • Click Continue.


2. Connect to Google Vertex AI


3. Set up Summarize Text

  • Text: Add text or map fields from previous steps to summarize.
  • Project ID: From the dropdown menu, select your project ID.
  • Model Region: By default, us-central1 will be selected.
  • Advanced Fields (optional): To adjust your large language model (LLM) parameters, select True from the Advanced Fields dropdown menu. Your screen will refresh to show the advanced fields.
  • Once you’ve set up your fields, click Continue.


4. Test the action

  • Click Test action.
  • The next screen will show if Zapier can perform the action step successfully.


Once you’ve set up your Summarize Text action, you can continue setting up the rest of your Zap.
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