Change access permissions on Zapier Interfaces

You can restrict access to Zapier Interfaces. The Access & Users menu allows you to control who can view the interface. This option is available in the Settings menu.

Change permissions

  1. From your Interfaces dashboard, click on an interface.
  2. Click the Settings button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Access & Users on the left sidebar.

From the dropdown menu, you can select:

  • Anyone with the link: This is the default option. The interface will be accessible to anyone you share the link with.
  • Anyone with the password: Create a password and share it with your users.
  • Managed users only: Only those added as managed users can view the interface's pages.


Add managed users

To create a new managed user:

  1. In the Access dropdown menu, select Managed users only.
  2. Click Save changes.
  3. In the Users field, click the Manage button.
  4. Click Add new user.
  5. Type a name and email for the user.
  6. Click Add user.

You can then share the URL of the interface with them. 



If you have managed users, you can personalize text components with their information.


Log in as a managed user

When you send the URL to a managed user, they will be asked to enter their email address to log in. The user will receive a one-time code by email. After entering the code, they will be given access.

Log out

Users can log out of the interface by clicking the Log out link at the bottom of any page.


Provide feedback and get help

You can make a feature request, provide feedback on existing features, and get help from the Interfaces team.

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