Use AI-powered App Extensions to generate App Extensions

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AI-powered App Extensions is a beta feature. It is available for use, but is still in active development and may change.
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  • To use this feature, you’ll need familiarity with sending HTTP requests, APIs, and reading API documentation.
  • If the app’s API changes, you may need to update your App Extensions.
  • Our Support team is able to provide basic troubleshooting for this feature, but they can't troubleshoot the API you use.
Use the power of AI to generate an App Extension. This feature eliminates the need to manually search for the method and API endpoint in an app’s API docs, and auto-filling the App Extensions settings.
When AI generates an App Extension, it will:
  • Suggest multiple endpoints that may apply to your action.
  • Create a fully functioning App Extension on your behalf.
  • Each App Extension will include an HTTP method, API endpoint, input fields, and description.
To generate an AI-powered App Extension:



1. Choose the app and event

In the Zap editor:
  • Click the Action step, or click the plus + icon to add an action to your Zap.
  • Search for or select the app you want to use in your action.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu.
  • Select App Extensions (Beta).


2. Connect your account

  • If you already have an account connected to Zapier for the app, select it from the account menu.
  • If not, click Connect a new account and follow the instructions to connect your app to Zapier.
  • Once the connection is working, click Continue.


3. Open the App Extensions builder

  • In the Action section, click App Extension Builder.


4. Generate an App Extension with AI

  • In the AI Assist box, describe your desired action.
  • Click Generate.
  • A pop-up window will appear, asking you to agree to Zapier’s AI terms to use this feature. Click Agree and Continue.
  • A new modal will appear below with suggested App Extensions.
  • Next, you can:
    • Click Preview to review the suggested App Extension.
    • Click Use to auto-fill all of the details required for your App Extension.
      • (Optional) You can continue to adjust your App Extension settings if you want to. Learn how in our tutorial for Create an App Extension.
  • Once you are happy with your App Extension setup, click Save.
actionEdit icon Example
You can enter prompts like:
  • Slack App: “Get all the messages from a thread”
  • Hubspot App: “Update the status of a deal”
  • Pandadocs App: “Send a document without sending an email”
ratingStar icon Tip

Describe your action using plain language. You do not need to use technical language.


5. Test the action

To ensure your action works as expected in Zaps, Zapier recommends testing your App Extension.
To test your action:
  • Click the Test tab
  • Click the app account dropdown menu and select a connected app account.
  • In the Input Field Values section, complete any of the required fields to test your custom action.
  • Click Send test request.
  • You can review your API response to see if it worked as expected. The response logs will censor sensitive information, like API keys or authentication tokens. You can also download or copy the full response data should you need to troubleshoot the error further.
miscEye icon Note
  • An API error may still result in a task completing successfully. To view API errors, download the full response data.
  • It’s expected behavior that an API’s error message will not appear in the Zap Editor or Zap History.
Once you’ve created your App Extension, you can use it within your Zaps. If you’re on a Teams or Company plan, your App Extensions will be available for your teammates to use in their Zaps.
For additional help, visit the Zapier Community's Code and webhook resources.
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