Manage your AI actions

This tutorial refers to AI actions. These are Zapier actions that can only be used through another app. 


AI actions is an alpha product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.


Edit or delete AI actions

To edit an existing AI action:

  • Go to the list of connected apps.
  • Click the Manage Actions link for the specific app.
  • Click the action you want to edit or delete. 

To edit your action, make changes, then click Done or Enable action (if it's currently disabled) at the bottom of the page.

To delete your action, click Delete at the bottom of the page.

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  • Search actions cannot create or update items through AI actions. You can use two separate actions: one to search and another one to create or update.
  • Private apps in Zapier are not supported. 

Disable actions

To disable an action, click the toggle beside the action's name. Click the toggle again to re-enable it.


Rename your AI action

You can rename an AI Action to help the app distinguish between similar actions. 

  1. From the list of connected apps, click Manage actions for the specific app.
  2. Click the name of the action you want to edit.
  3. Click Show all options.
  4. In the field Action name, type a new name for your action.
  5. Click Done.
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You can use this field to differentiate the AI actions that use different app accounts, such as your personal and work email accounts.


Enable the same action for multiple AI apps

When you create an action, it will only be enabled for the specific AI app you're currently using. However, you use the same AI action for other AI apps:

  1. Go to the list of connected apps.
  2. Click the Manage Actions link for the specific app.
  3. Click the toggle beside the name of the action.
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GPTs also use the same AI actions. Learn how to use GPTs with Zapier.


Revoke access

You can remove an AI app's access to your Zapier account at any time. Revoking access also allows you to log in with a Zapier account that uses a different email address.

To revoke an app's access to your Zapier account for AI Actions: 

  1. Visit the Connected Apps page
  2. Click Revoke Access for the specific app. 
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  • Once you revoke access, you can then reconnect a different Zapier account through the AI app you are using.
  • If you connected to an app using API keys, regenerate your API key, and this will break the current connections that use this API key. Learn how to regenerate your key.


View AI action activity

You can see all AI actions that ran on the Logs page. This page displays the status, date, AI action name, and app name. Click View Log to see the details of each run.


Get support for AI actions

To reach out to the Zapier AI support team, fill out this form.

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