Use AI actions within an AI app

This tutorial refers to AI actions, which can only be used outside of Zapier. If you want to use a Zap, learn how to set up a Zap action.


AI actions is an alpha product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.


With AI actions, you can add the power of Zapier actions to other apps. Learn how to use AI actions from Zapier embedded in an AI app.

How to use an AI action

When you create an AI action, it will be enabled for the specific AI app. 

To use an AI action:

  • In the AI app interface, provide instructions for the AI app to carry out an action or answer a question.
  • Review and confirm the action.
  • Return to the AI app to continue the interaction.

Preview and confirm an action

When an AI action is run, you must confirm it before the AI app can use the results. 

  1. Click the link or button provided to preview the action results.
  2. Review the contents of each field.
    1. Click Edit if you'd like to change any of the fields.
  3. Click Run to complete the action.


miscEye icon Note
The way these controls are provided will vary depending on the AI app's interface.

Provide hints for the AI

Some AI apps may allow you to override field values before you run the AI action.

If you select Provide hints - override AI in the Field hints (advanced) dropdown field, you will be able to type specific values for the fields. Hints are optional, so you can leave certain fields to have the AI determine the value for them.


Provide feedback about AI actions

You can rate the performance of an AI action using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. This will help Zapier improve the quality of the AI action responses. If you click the thumbs-down button, you can also share more detailed feedback with Zapier. 

Get support for AI actions

To reach out to the Zapier AI support team, fill out this form.

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